The XL Show Stopper
The XL Show Stopper
The XL Show Stopper

The XL Show Stopper

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This beautiful  extra large gold serving platter features flowing lines and clean aesthetic to make a simple but elegant oven to table presentation. Bake and serve in one artistic piece perfect for large servings and gatherings. Yes this beauty can go directly into the oven.  Settle for nothing basic from your baking dishes to your fancy stilettos. We took it a step further and added the base of the Elevated Baking Couture Platter just to make it even more of a Show Stopper.  This is home decor. Base only sold with The Elevated Baking Couture Platter.

- Gold Titanium Finish

- Dishwasher Safe

- Stain Resistant

- Food Safe

- Will Not Scratch or Lose Luster

- Tarnish Free

- Oven Safe up to 550 degrees