"Everyday should be an experience."

Many of you are asking what exactly is Maison by Tai. Let me explain. Maison means home in French. I’m a HOMEbody that has a passion for fashion so I decided to merge the two. We happily clothe our bodies in luxury, why not our home indulgences. I’m responsible for setting the vibe in my house as many of you are well aware because I’ve invited you in for years sharing my recipes, floral experiences, cocktail concoctions as well as playlists. No I’m not a formally trained chef, florist, bartender or DJ, though I get requests like I am LOL. I just simply enjoy turning my passions into memorable experiences for everyone around me, including all of you. 

Maison by Tai was created to share these experiences. Your enthusiasm around my videos have been infectious and is what has given me the motivation and confidence to birth Maison by Tai. It allows me the pleasure of sharing my personal experiences with you in hopes that you share them with people you love. Maison offers beautifully curated collections that are luxurious yet affordable that are meant to be re-created and shared with family and friends.

 Each collection offered will be accompanied by a complimentary recipe along with a virtual tutorial.  Every few weeks look forward to a new and exciting collection tailored to satisfy every pallet. Purchase each experience to enjoy, host, gift or simply collect. Don’t miss out. Be sure to take advantage of every experience while it’s featured because once the new experience is introduced, the prior will be a distant memory and no longer offered.

Without further delay, I welcome you to Maison By Tai where presentation is everything and every day should be an experience! I can’t wait to see the experiences you create.