3 oz. Rosé ( I used @mayacamaswine )

1 oz. Tequila (I used @casamigos )

2 oz. Grapefruit Tonic (I used @fentimansltd )

1 tsp Simple Syrup (I used @powellmahoneycocktails )

Sugar Rim (I used @dominosugar )

Super quick…. Mix all ingredients in @maisonbytai mixing glass … stir vigorously w/ @maisonbytai weighted bar spoon…Use lemon wedge to rim the glass and roll in sugar for that pretty sugar rim… next, pour into your @maisonbytai Cocky Coupé and Enjoy! * I used @maisonbytai Mega ice Molds because ICE MATTERS (dropped a dried ediable rose in the ice mold just because I like ALL THINGS PRETTY)  Cheers 💓



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