Gold scented candle
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Gold gift set of rechargeable and gold scented candle
Spike gold scented candle

The Mega Cashmere Sugar Candle and Golden Blaze Lighter Set

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Simple and unique gift: It comes with the rechargeable lighter and scented candle in a gold vessel that makes them a terrific gift. The pair are the perfect affair that will make anyone impressed with the spikey gold candle vessel and rechargeable gold lighter.

Home accent/Decor: Not only does it give off a relaxing environment when the candle is lit up, but the spike surface of the candle also makes a great home decoration. The shiny gold color will pop up color. It's a functional candle you will love to see every day.

Handpicked by Maison by Tai and hand poured by Tiffany Rose, founder of School of scents. Cashmere Sugar is the complement of soy wax with notes of lemon peel, champagne, peach, grapefruit, vanilla, powder, mandarin, and ginger. The candle vessel matches the beauty of the aroma and doubles as a decorative statement home accessory.


Product Details and Care: 

  • Gift Set: 65 oz Cashmere Sugar Candle and The Golden Blaze Lighter
  • Burn Time; Approximately +125 hours 
  • 65 oz.
  • Dimensions:  7" w x 7" H