Spinning glasses for whiskey, cocktails and wine
Spinning glasses for wine
Spinning glass for whiskey, cocktails and wine
Spinning glass for whiskey
Spinning glasses cocktails

Spinning Cocktail Glasses

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Unique and Classy:  Not the usual glasses you see. The design of these spinning cocktail glasses will take your  whiskey, cocktails and wine to the next level. See how your drinks turn into more enticing. The sophisticated design of these spinning glasses is a real glow up to your home bar. Your home celebration will be distinct amongst everyone. It's easy and effective way to make every happenings remarkably fun. 

Luxury Experience: One of the favorite items in Maison by Tai's curated experience for the reason that we cannot hide. Apart from its unique and stylish design, it is undeniably sophisticated and the weight of these glasses will shock you. Your guests will surely be impressed with these heavy spinning glasses. 

Versatility: Whether you are up for a home relaxation or celebration, these glasses will not fail you. These spinning glasses is the perfect match for you cocktail, whiskeys and wine. 


 Product Details and Care:

  • Set of 2 cocktail glasses
  • Dimensions:  3.1" x 3" 
  • Care Instructions:  Hand wash only