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coupe glasses
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cocky coupe glass
Cocky Coupe set

Cocky Coupé Glass Set

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Luxury Cocktail glass set of two: There is no better way to highlight your crafted drinks than with a captivating coupe glass. Economical but luxury-looking glasses that will take you to a deluxe cocktail experience. 

Aesthetic: Make your crafted drinks camera ready. The impeccable structure is stunning. The curve and silhouette of this coupe glass set make any drink irresistible.

Essential Home Bar Glass: Make every celebration lavish even at home. These are undoubtedly a necessity for a great cocktail experience. Majestic enough to be a great addition to your home bar accessories because you deserve a sumptuous home relaxation.

Serve your guests with their favorite drinks and make your at home celebration and get-togethers unforgettable. Undeniably your next favorite cocktail glasses! 

Product Details and Care:

  • Capacity: 4.94 oz/ 140 ml 
  • Set of 2
  • Dimension:  4"diameter x 7"height
  • Care Instructions:  Dishwasher safe



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